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hello! my name is MARSHAL and im just an awesome and normal guy sitting around on the internet. i made this website mostly to help with my coding and also because having your own space is cool!

information about my being includes that i am mexican & cuban, a bisexual man (he/it pronouns), autistic, a scorpio born on OCT 25, and 20 years old...

interests & likes:

  • experimental music
  • jrpgs and rpgmaker
  • final fantasy
  • vidygame
  • torture mechanisms
  • surrealism & horror
  • trolling
  • science fiction books
  • animation/art
  • mad science
  • psychedelics

le dislikes:

  • bigotry
  • edgelords
  • normal food
  • the milkman
  • not being allowed to grill
  • annoying people
  • certain textures
  • loneliness
  • being ignored
  • ogekom/deepseaprisoner

fun favoritesss
color: blue
animal: wolves & many others
food: sashimi
drink: anything that kills me
fruit: mango or tomato
color: blue
fashion style: vkei + trad goth
vegetable: leek
character: w.d. gaster

other stuff you should know includes the fact I am an ENTP 7w6 shadow entity who lives in a radiated zone of mexico filled with zombies, aliens, demons & gnomes. santa claus is out to get me and it's not because i'm schizoaffective. i'm learning music & also making a game. i study animation in a university in california, & i'm always going to concerts of artists that i hate.

press below!
have a nice life, nine inch nails, rammstein, death grips, pixies, $waggot, muse, crystal castles, laura les, tyler the creator, ecco2k + bladee, twikipedia, fidlar, p.h.f., malice mizer, nero's day at disneyland + lauren bousfield, mother mother, alex g, teen suicide, boards of canada, deftones, machine girl, korn, the paper chase, igorrr, nirvana, TOOL, the unicorns, MARINA, kesha, lady gaga, filter & the crystal method, cage, bauhaus, depeche mode, lebanon hanover, the cure, of montreal, type o negative, the hellp, placebo, daft punk, otep, hole, roar, kfc murder chicks ETC
experimental and all its subgenres and derivatives, industrial metal, nu-metal, industrial rock, alternative rock/metal/etc, antifolk, avant-garde, alternative rap/hip-hop, bedroom pop, garage punk, specific subtypes of indie, dark ambient + darkwave, visual kei, nightcore And antinightcore, shoegaze (sorry), breakcore+jungle, glitchcore, drain hyperpop-esque music, early 2000s + 2010s pop music, witch house, /mu/ male manipulator music.
soul eater, neon genesis evangelion, sayonara zetsubou sensei, durarara!!, jujutsu kaisen, dorohedoro, death note, serial experiments lain, nichijou, azumanga daioh & yotsuba, cowboy bebop, flcl, alien9, doremi, 90s-2000s anime, tokyo ghoul (manga only), junji ito, one-shot mangas etc some others.
akira (1988), donnie darko, RAW, halloween franchise, saw franchise, creep 1 + 2, perfect blue, the shining, paprika, paranoia agent, the shining, psycho, cat soup, unico, ghibli films in general, animated films, horror films in general
invader zim, adventure time, breaking bad, the midnight gospel, tear along the dotted line, MLP:FIM, gravity falls, TAWOG, infinity train, documentaries, over the garden wall
undertale, the sims franchise, ffxiv + ff7 + ff10 + ff15, earthbound/mother, hylics, majora's mask and zelda in general, pokemon, yume nikki & its fangames, anything rpgmaker, LISA series, sally face, hello charlotte, minecraft, stardew valley, terraria & starbound, animal crossing, portal series, borderlands, animal jam, neopets, the binding of isaac, shin megami tensei, lobcorp, limbus & library of ruina, spore, psychonauts 1 & 2, silent hill, moon a remix rpg, space funeral, hypnospace outlaw, ace attorney, visual novels
ask for my 3ds & switch friend codes, my main on ffxiv is Viktor Djtmarouc (Adamantoise - WHM main) and my roblox username is schizoism.
h.p lovecraft mythos, h.g wells books, the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, classical literature, warrior cats, choose ur own story games, vinesauce, horror youtubers like nexpo, cr1tikal, asmr, nana825763, ARGs & creepypasta, lost media, gamedev, psychology, surrealism, hallucinogens, drawing & writing, poetry, earth science, biology and zoology, religious studies, goth subcultures, johnny the homicidal maniac
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