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hello! my name is MARSHAL and im just a little epic schizo guy sitting around on the internet. i made this website mostly to help with my coding and also because having your own space themed after the old web is just fuuuuun!

i am mexican/cuban, mixed white/indigenous, a bisexual man (he/him), autistic, and 19 years old...

interests & likes:

  • experimental music
  • jrpgs and rpgmaker
  • final fantasy
  • vidygame
  • killing & murder
  • surrealism & horror
  • anime in general
  • science fiction books
  • animation/art
  • mad science
  • psychedelics

le dislikes:

  • bigotry
  • edgelords
  • normal food
  • unsexy people
  • not being allowed to grill
  • berserk fans
  • certain textures
  • loneliness
  • being ignored
  • ogekom/deepseaprisoner

fun favoritesss
color: blue
animal: many, but main one is wolves
food: sashimi
drink: zero sugar monster
fruit: mango or tomato
color: blue
fashion style: vkei + trad goth
vegetable: leek
character: w.d. gaster

some stuff you should know about me... i am an ENTP and 7w6, im learning music, i live in mexico but have lived in 3 countries, im an animation student, my favorite song is constantly changing, i love going to concerts, i'm agnostic but schizoaffective anyways. im also a scorpio (oct 25)

press below!
have a nice life, giles corey, nine inch nails, rammstein, dylan + laura les, drain gang, kfc murder chicks, tyler the creator, crystal castles, malice mizer, xiu xiu, whokilledxix, mother mother, neros day at disneyland and lauren bousfield, death grips, alex g, teen suicide, siouxxie, boards of canada, twikipedia, ayesha erotica, deftones, machine girl, $waggot, fidlar, the paper chase, of montreal, that handsome devil, gorillaz, muse, nirvana
industrial + industrial metal, experimental, nu-metal, avant-garde metal, glitchcore, antifolk, harsh rap, shoegaze, anything electronic, anything that makes me look like a /mu/ male manipulator, vkei, alt rock
serial experiments lain, neon genesis evangelion, sayonara zetsubou sensei, nichijou, jujutsu kaisen, soul eater, flcl, durarara, azumanga daioh, death note, lucky star, junji ito & some others
akira 1988, donnie darko, RAW, halloween, perfect blue, paprika, the shining, cat soup, unico, classic horror, saw franchise, ghibli films, etc
documentaries, invader zim, adventure time, cartoons in general, old animation, gravity falls, tawog, powerpuff girls, courage the cowardly dog, billy & mandy, anything weird. breaking bad added onto this
undertale, the sims, ffxiv + ff7 + ff10 + ff15, earthbound/mother, pokemon, yume nikki & its fangames, anything rpgmaker, LISA series, sally face, hello charlotte, minecraft, stardew valley, terraria & starbound, animal crossing, portal series, borderlands, the legend of zelda franchise, animal jam, neopets, the binding of isaac, shin megami tensei, lobcorp & library of ruina, spore
ask for my 3ds & switch friend codes, my main on ffxiv is Andre Athens (Adamantoise - WHM main) and my roblox username is schizoism
h.p lovecraft mythos, h.g wells books, the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, warrior cats, choose ur own story games, vinesauce, horror youtubers, jerma, asmr, nana825763, ARGs & creepypasta, gamedev, psychology, the occult, earth science, biology, pharmacology, writing and drawing, art history, politics, religion, alternative fashion, mycology, johnny the homicidal maniac
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